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Grand Palladium Group Vacation Registration December 6-13, 2022

This sign up form is only for the group tennis vacation for the Grand Palladium Colonial.  



1.  Read these copies of our ACE TRAVEL PROS LIABILITY FORM and our COVID-19 DISCLAIMER AND RELEASE FORMThe blue links will take you to a copy of the forms for your review. Then, by checking the proper boxes on the Tennis Vacation Registration Form below, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined on both forms.  Or you can do it the paper way; print, sign, scan and return to our email.

2.  Fill out the online form below to reserve your spot. Call your payment info to Jo at 303.908.5605.  PLEASE FILL IN ALL THE INFORMATION and check all the appropriate boxes or you will not be able to travel with the group.  You will be notified via email with further information. 

3.  By filling out this form, you give us permission to send a quote for the room and/or air for your vacation. Please note that we will include an option to purchase travel protection (which is highly recommended due to airline cancellations, resort closures, pandemics, etc.) with that quote that you can decide then if you want it before you put your deposit down.

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