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"Not all those who wander are lost."

JRR Tolkien

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In addition to running organized group tennis and pickleball vacations, I am also a Travel Advisor.  If you have a group of friends that want to go on a tennis, pickleball, golf, yoga, volleyball, any other sports-related vacation, or just to vacation together, let me know. 


For tennis and pickleball vacations,  I have worked with resorts in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean that have tennis and pickleball courts and also local pros, so I can help you put together an amazing vacation experience.  I can plan for just tennis (or other) playing each day or if you have enough participants, send a USPTA tennis pro along with your group to provide lessons and dills, depending on what your group wants.


Or if you want another sports vacation, let me know and I can find the right spot for your group. Whether you want to just play each day or have an instructor, we can find that for you.

Please Contact Me to discuss your idea of an ideal group vacation.  Or fill out this Group Information Form and Email it back to me.

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