Club Med Vacations


There are plenty of destinations for you to enjoy all over the world.  These photos show the ones we have traveled to; some of them multiple times.  As we travel to more, we will be sure to update you on them!

And don't forget, all Club Med's are all-inclusive, so don't forget to ask which sports or activities you enjoy the most for your next vacation!

Club Med Columbus Isle
Jo's daytime Beach view - 6 times (Our all time fav!)
Club Med Columbus Isle
Overhead view of scuba center and dock
Club Med Columbus Isle
Jo's sunset view
Club Med Sandpiper
Jo's water view - located on the Port St Lucie River, Florida - 2 times
Club Med Sandpiper bay
18 Hole Golf course attached to Sandpiper
Club Med Punta Cana
Overhead view with Cirque de Soleil and 14 tennis courts - 1 time
Club Med Punta Cana
Jo's Beach view with the "photo bomb" tree
Club Med Ixtapa
Club where owners Jo & Devin were married - 2 times
Club Med Cancun
Jo's Beach View - 4 times
Club Med Turks
Beach at Turks with ACE mug
CM Opio en Provence
May 2019!
Columbus Isle View
Trip #4 to CMCI
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1. Beach Destinations - Mexico and the Caribbean


  • Club Med Columbus Isle

  • Club Med Turkoise

  • Club Med Punta Cana

  • Club Med Miches

  • Club Med Cancun

  • Club Med Ixtapa

  • Club Med Martinque

  • Club Med Guadaloupe

2. Ski Destinations

There are over 20 destinations in Europe and Asia, so if you are interested in the once in a lifetime ski vacation or want a repeat destination ski vacation, but all-inclusive, let us know your desires and we can set it up.

3. Others


There are also other resorts world-wide for your enjoyment that include golf, tennis, wine, and local culture, just to name a few activities.  Travel to Italy, Portugal, Phuket, the Maldives in Kani, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, China, Brazil, and Morocco.


And Club Med continues to grow it's all-inclusive model all over the world: with a new resort in the Dominican Republic, Miches open now, along with a new ski resort in Quebec, TBD in 2020.

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